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As the NFL suspends COVID restrictions, some kids are still forced to mask

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Miraculously, the White House ended its mask requirement right before President Joe Biden's State of the Union speech and the upcoming midterms elections. How convenient for "the science" to line up with Democrats' political advantages.

The National Football League is following suit. NBC Sports reported on Thursday, "In a memo to all 32 teams on Thursday, the NFL and NFLPA announced that they are suspending all COVID-19 protocols immediately. The memo cites the declining rates of COVID-19 rates as the reason for the decision while also noting that teams must still comply with any applicable state or local laws."

The pandemic and all the lockdowns and mandates that have come with it is coming to an end for most Americans.

Unless you're a school kid in Knox County, Tennessee.

The school board doesn't want to force kids to wear masks. The local government and mayor of Knox County don't want it either. The governor of Tennessee even tried to stop it, but was unsuccessful.

Still a federal judge has ruled that some Tennessee schoolchildren must remain masked.

Local NBC affiliate WBIR reported Tuesday, "A group of parents who sued the Knox County School Board and Governor Bill Lee over an absence of universal masking in public schools last year filed a motion on Monday requesting the judge to include new national health guidelines that would allow the current mask mandate in schools to be suspended soon."

"The new guidelines anticipate both the surge of the pandemic and the need for masks will be lifted in the not-too-distant future,' a statement from the plaintiffs said," according to WBIR. "While Knox County remains in the high-risk category currently, that is expected to change as case numbers continue to drop."

Kids are being forced to mask in Knox County due to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

"The lawsuit, which was filed in September 2021, argued Knox County Schools needed to continue following medical guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect and accommodate children with high-risk conditions, citing protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act," the report noted.

WBIR continued, "The parents, who all have students enrolled in KCS, argued their children were vulnerable to health risks because the school board narrowly voted to decline a universal mask mandate at a time when new infections and hospitalizations were surging in the community."

From WBIR (emphasis added), "U.S. District Court Judge Ronnie Greer ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, ordering Knox County Schools to re-implement a mask mandate for schoolchildren similar to the one it enforced in the 2020-21 school year. It also blocked Governor Bill Lee's mask opt-out executive order specifically for Knox County to allow the mandate to be enforced."

Republican Knox County mayor and World Wrestling Entertainment star "Kane" staunchly opposes masking kids and explained on Monday how it actually harms them:

It turns out that this effort to keeps kids masked also comes from a leftwing group associated with high level Hillary Clinton operatives:

This has been going on for months:

SO... pro football players who are slugging it out don't have to wear masks, but kids in single digits have to mask via a federal dictate.

The Tennessee Titans in nearby Nashville are getting rid of all COVID-19 protocols, but the innocent children of Knox County are being forced to participate in an act harmful to their physical and mental health due to federal bureaucratic whim.

Grown adults who are presidents of countries or who win football games don't have to mask...

But little kids do.


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