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Biden Creates the Department of Karens

"Biden Creates the Department of Karens" Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: David Bozell here ForAmerica, fun-sized. Super quick. Alejandro Mayorkas, your Secretary of Homeland Security for the Biden administration just announced a, "misinformation/disinformation governance board."

Now, what in the world is that you ask? I can feel the collective eye roll. Misinformation - what a word. Disinformation - I don't even know if that's a real word.

But that basically tells you that the Left can't fight the messaging battle straight up. They have to use the heavy hand of government. They have to use your tax dollars, which funds Department of Homeland Security, to come up with some silly board. Will it have their intended effect? I have no idea. He doesn't even go into that. He goes into silly platitudes about how it's essential for DHS to engage the Disinformation Governance Board for the future of the republic, democracy, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Big lofty goals.

So why use the heavy hand of government? You think, "Oh, they own the media," except nobody watches them. "And they own Hollywood," except people are running, canceling subscriptions, and running away from that too.

You've got Daily Wire, one of the good guys putting in $100 million in programming for kids because they see a path, because they want to create an alternative to Disney. Why is there a market demand for alternative to Disney? Nobody wants to put up with that crap.

But, just in more recent news, I mean, if there was a market for this kind of crap coming out of DHS...about if there's a passion among the American people to squelch misinformation and disinformation, why was Twitter left so vulnerable for a takeover by Elon Musk? Who A) Loves the platform, and just wants to see these issues of our time debated properly, and wants to give equal footing. He sees the value in that. He saw the value in that and he bought it.

But if there's a market for...and this is on the heels, Mayorkas' announcement is on the heels of Obama last week giving this big speech at Stanford saying misinformation was like the greatest threat to Western civilization or whatever he mumbled out last week. Why the concern? Why so serious for these guys?

Oh, well, Spotify cancels Obama, cancels he and Michelle's podcast. They said, "Well, he wasn't showing up to do enough of them." My guess is that the download figures internally, it's the most impossible thing to find - podcast download numbers - but I'll bet money that for what they were paying him, it wasn't worth it. So they dropped the Obama's podcast. He's at the tip of the spear to tackle misinformation, and Spotify, the biggest sort of music streaming service there is to date nowadays, is dropping him.

Why is Netflix sinking like a stone? Lost over 35% of its value last week. First month in a long time that they had to report negative subscription rates. There's lots of reasons. Their content stinks. I mean, they had some good original content, Mindhunter, couple of other things that they experimented with early on, but then recent years, what? You had that kind-of a kid...I hesitate to say porn movie, but whatever that kid's film was about the little kids cheerleaders, all that controversy, given $40 million to Chris Rock, so he could belly ache about wanting to see more white people shot. Nobody wants to pay for that. People are canceling their subscriptions.

And Obama was on the board of that. Or at least he was given a ton of money to make his own programming on Netflix. Nobody wants to pay for that. Nobody wants to hear someone least hear someone like Obama, lecture them about misinformation when he's dishing that out more than anybody.

So, there's Spotify, there's Elon taking over Twitter, there's the Disney problem, there's Netflix crashing like a stone, CNN Plus. If there was a market for what Mayorkas is talking terms of people being targets of misinformation or spreading misinformation, if misinformation was a huge problem and the American people agreed that it was a huge problem and we all wanted to find a solution for it, do you think CNN Plus would've been axed in less than 30 days? If there was a market for that kind of thinking? There isn't, there isn't a market for that kind of thinking.


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