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Brittney Griner

DAVID: All right, I miss Trump tweets. You remember this one? This is a couple of years ago, August, 2019."A$AP Rocky released from prison and on his way home to the United States from Sweden. It was a Rocky Week, get home ASAP A$AP!" Remember the rapper, he got busted and charged with assault in Sweden.

He claimed it was a in self-defense. He gets held in a Swedish detention center for about a month. Kanye West and Melania get the president's attention to start negotiating with Sweden to get this rapper A$AP Rocky back. They finally get him back. Trump had a hand in negotiating the release, certainly took credit for it anyway.

Just add that to the list of things that Joe Biden can't do as well as President Tump. Getting Americans out of foreign countries when they encounter some legal trouble.

The WNBA's Brittany Griner, she's a perennial MVP candidate in that league. I mean, she's a stud. She plays for this Russian premier league during the off season, the UMMC Ekaterinburg. I'm not even sure if I pronounced that right, Ekaterinburg, E-K-A-T-E-R-I-N-B-U-R-G. Listen, you guys try to pronounce that. Anyway she's detained after a customs officials found vape cartridges. Oh no, containing THC oil, ooh what a dastardly crime. I guess she had some kind of ball of hash in her luggage at the airport.

So, she's been detained in Russia since before the war started in Ukraine. She's been there for about the better part of three weeks. Going on four weeks up to and including today. I don't think anyone from the State Department has said anything. Certainly Biden hasn't said anything about Griner, but just add this to the list of things that Trump did better than Biden. If you were in harms way, if you were a prominent rapper, ballplayer, got yourself into a little bit of trouble on foreign soil, he made your release happen, A$AP Rocky, and A$AP Rocky was very thankful. A$AP Rocky says he thanked Donald Trump for his help in the Swedish court case, quote, "I don't agree with all the political shit that he does at all, but I was just thankful, for everybody who supported me in there," talking about the White House.

So, the rapper certainly credited Trump for getting him out. He ended up being found guilty, but since he'd already served a month plus in a Swedish detention center, I guess the sentence was time served. So he's a free man, but Brittney Griner is not, she's not a free woman, no end in sight.

No idea if the president will wake up from his afternoon nap and pay any lick of attention to see if he can get one of the premier athletes in the WNBA out of a Russian prison.


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