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Cannonball: Democrats' "Bizzaro World"

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Florida), who is recently known for his stand with the 20 conservative members of the House that have given a backbone to the Republican party, was seen debating New York Democrat Jamaal Bowman on the steps of the Capitol Wednesday.

The two discussed the prospective 2024 Presidential candidates including Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis. Bowman laughably went to a tired trope and called DeSantis a "white nationalist" among other things. He also claimed -- and don't spit out your coffee when you hear this -- that Michigan Democrat Gretchen "I vacation on my boat while you lockdown" Whitmer could beat both DeSantis and Trump!

Donalds easily shut him down.

When talking about both Trump and DeSantis, Bowman had this to say:

Both those dudes are gonna get crushed.

Well, while Jamaal clearly hasn't seen any of the polls that show Biden's failed popularity or Trump's projected victory in a matchup against Biden, he also must exist in an echo chamber as Americans are seeking change from Biden's broken economy, porous border, and weaponized government.

But that didn't stop Bowman from claiming victory:

What world are these Democrats living in? Well, Byron said it best - "Bizarro World."


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