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Collision point: The Trump Indictment vs. the Biden Impeachment

In-depth Episode Notes:

TOPIC: David Bozell discusses the latest Trump indictment, what that means for his 2024 aspirations, and the ins and outs of the political corruption that caused it.


"This country cannot go on like this. We're at a collision point where Trump's indictments are crashing head-on with Biden's impeachment and the Congressional funding of both of them also at play. There has to be an ultimate winner and loser."


  • If Trump is subject to a gag order, can he even campaign? And if he can't campaign, was that the point of indicting him all along?

  • If it happens, the trial will likely be after the 2024 election because of the millions of documents that will need to be reviewed.

  • If it does go to trial before the election, given the track record of DC, he'll likely be convicted.

  • Hunter Biden's diversion plea agreement is a sight to behold.

  • Congress could stop these prosecutions and investigations by removing their funding. If they really believe Trump's prosecution is political and without merit, they are duty-bound to defund them.




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