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Customs and Border Patrol Operational Update

'Customs and Border Patrol Operational Update' Transcript:

Well, I'm usually not one to bombard people with numbers, because they can be so unpersuasive. But man, this is straight out of Joe Biden's customs and border patrol. You turn on cable news and everything is about Ukraine, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Russia, Russia, Ukraine. Boy oh boy, would I just love to throw the United States military at our Southern border...just for a week. Just to see if we could make a dent in these numbers.

Customs and border patrol two days ago released their 2022 February monthly operational update. It is just staggering, staggering figures, man, staggering. Apprehensions at the Southern border rose to 165,000 in February. In February, this is the month of February alone, mostly single adults, it's [165,000] a 7% increase over January down there.

"More than 96% of non-citizens encountered by federal law enforcement attempted to enter the country illegally between the ports of entry."

So, everyone is just going in between these points of entry, in between where sections of the wall were not built, basically.

"Encounters of unaccompanied children...," so kids "increased 37%."

12,000, 12,000 kids walking alone down there on the Southern border alone, which is an increase of 37%. There were about 8,000 in January.

Unbelievable numbers down there. Just send the United States military.

You want to hear something else that's sick in terms of these figures? Cocaine, coke, this is all drug stuff.

Cocaine seizures up 83% month over month. Methamphetamine, all the Breaking Bad blue crystal stuff that you saw on that show, is up, these are seizures, increase meth seizures 97%. Heroin seizures up 173%.

To be fair, the only one that was down was fentanyl, decreased 21%, but a paltry number compared to those massive, massive increases in the other drugs.

"Three out of four illegal immigrants were adults traveling by themselves."

12,000 were children. About 55% were removed from the country. That's it! 164,973 encounters in February, 91,000 of which were removed from the country. I think that's about 50, 55%.

"While 73,000 were taken into custody and either released into the United States or paroled or detained and placed into removal proceedings."

I don't know. I don't know. I would just love to see the United States military, I mean, it was so funny when Tucker was talking about this last night. He was absolutely right. Zelensky can order, well not order, request billions of dollars and MIGS and the entire United States Congress just snaps their fingers and jumps to attention. How high, how much, how many, more, more, more, more, more!

You've got hundreds of thousands of people sneaking over our border and this Congress doesn't want to do anything about it. It's a shame, but put the United States military down there for a week, and I bet you, this stuff goes down to zero. Dave Bozell your conductor today, over and out.


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20 Mar 2022

I’m ok with it. Free speech that’s how you Face book/ Meta got where you are today.

now you want to control that speech, go for it, Let’s see what happens.

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