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DHS Spends $72 Million to Not Build the Wall

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Alright, the border. You want to hear some frustrating stupidity? This is the most frustrating headline ever.

So, you've seen all of the footage coming down from the southern border. People crossing. You got a National Guardsman pass away saving migrants crossing the Rio Grande River. He ends up drowning.

This is out of The Washington Times today, yeah, today. Department of Homeland Security has spent $72 million to avoid building any more of the border wall, avoid it. They've spent $72 million of our money while all this shit is going on down there. All this illegal activity, all this human trafficking, all this drug smuggling, you've got terrorists, you've got guys that are showing up on the terrorist watch list being snagged down there. I mean, for God's sake, you've had, what country was being featured that was crossing? Yeah, Ukrainians, of all things. Nobody knows why. Ukrainian refugees coming up through the southern border for an inexplicable reason.

All this human tragedy down there and the White House has $2 billion at its disposal that Department of Homeland Security is supposed to use for the wall. That's what the law says. It's a use it or lose it sort of situation. And he's never not going to use it, he's even quoted, the Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Mayorkas.

Mr. Mayorkas revealed Homeland Security's number during a hearing on his department's budget request for fiscal 2023. He is sitting on as much as $2.5 billion in money Congress previously allocated for the wall, but remains unspent. Under the law, Mr. Mayorkas is required to use that money for wall building, though, he has some flexibility on how to go about that. Mr. Mayorkas said he's trying to work his way through it.
We are well aware of our responsibility to spend the funds that have been appropriated to the wall. We are undertaking an analysis on how most effectively to do so while honoring the President's commitment.

Biden's commitment, which was, we're not going to build any more wall. In other words, he's going to try to just run out the clock and spend it on God knows what, God knows where.

It's unbelievably frustrating and just another reason why, for God's sake, if Republicans are going to be in control of this thing, they have got to man up and assert themselves as a co-equal branch of government. If you passed a law that required the Department of Homeland Security to build a southern border wall, and they have $2 billion sitting in the bank that they're supposed to use for the wall, and you let him get off the hook and say, "Well, we're just trying to work through it because the President doesn't want us to do that." Excuse me. It's by law. Why have laws? Why such extra extraordinary discretion, Congress? Why are you allowing the executive branch to have such extraordinary discretion?Why are you abdicating your responsibility to be a steward of taxpayer dollars? That's your number one job.

According to the law, you appropriated $2 billion for the wall. It's supposed to have been built. I know what the President campaigned on, Biden that is, I know what he campaigned on and said that he wouldn't. Does he just get to snap his fingers and say, "No, we're not going to build a wall," and that's it? What do you do with the $2 billion then, sir? "Well, I don't know. We're trying to work our way through that." Bullshit. You're just trying to run out the clock and you're just going to spend it, like I said, somewhere, on some God knows what, on some God knows where.

But this is Congress' fault, which Mayorkas was up on Capitol Hill today trying to get money for 2023. All these secretaries, cabinet secretaries, are making the rounds late this spring for their 2023 budgets.

"Oh, we're doing a great job." He even said today, "We've managed the southern border effectively." Okay. And he's just going to dump it on Congress. "Well, we're doing everything that we can with what we have." That'll be Biden's Department of Homeland Security public position. "We're doing everything we can with what we have." Oh, okay. And they're going to tell Congress, "Congress needs to act in a bipartisan fashion, and A), give us more resources, and B), just tell us what to do."

But they did. They already did that. I mean, they already did that. By law, you're supposed to build, finish the wall, or at least build more of it with the $2 billion that you have sitting in the bank. Not only that, they spent $72 million, million, not billion, it's impossible to keep track of this, but they spent $72 million canceling contracts to build the wall that by law they're appropriated to do.

Where are Republicans on this?


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