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Facebook takes the fun out of everything

'Facebook takes the fun out of everything' Transcript:

ForAmerica, here. David Bozell, your conductor, here to give you a public service announcement, because we care.

And just to let everybody know that Facebook is applying a missing context tag, because our page got slapped with one on the photo of Trump about to shake hands with Trudeau. And we had a pretty simple, pretty benign post text that said, "President Trump knew," which is pretty clever. And a variation of that post's text has been used in other places. But Facebook is suggesting that... laughably, we didn't provide the proper context. Because in that photo, I guess Trump eventually does shake Trudeau's hand, even though we never insinuated that he wasn't going to shake Trudeau's hand or we never even insinuated that Trump never shook Trudeau's hand.

In fact, we never even commented on the actual hand shaking. It was just this clever photograph that I think was released by the White House, right? Maybe not. Maybe another news organization. Who knows. The White House at the time, not Biden's White House, but Trump's White House. But they have their own photographers, particularly for foreign trips, but it could have been another news outlet. But the fact checkers, who are just carrying Biden's water are at it again trying to throttle back any conservative page that makes a quip about how Trump distrusted Trudeau.

So, public service announcement: that picture's been run, it's being throttled, save yourself the trouble, no sense in even posting it. Post it on TRUTH, though, which is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Tens of thousands were let in overnight. The more people in, the more fun it is. The way I was told was that they are literally trying to approve everybody that signs up, because they don't want fake accounts. So, that's a long, arduous process that a small army of people, I think, have been tasked to approve every signup. Because they just don't want fake bots, as the kids call them, fake bot accounts. So, if you're in line, be patient, they'll get you. And save that meme of Trump and Trudeau. Throw it on TRUTH when you get in, to your heart's content. No one's censoring over there, which is a blessing.

But in the meantime, if you're using Facebook, no sense in throwing that meme out there. You'll just get some sort of strike on your account. That's just not worth it. Yeah, as long as you're not fake, that's all what's going down. They're going to welcome left wingers in, if they want to. In fact, Twitter already started an account on TRUTH. Yeah, which is sort of ironic, in and of itself. So, they're spying on their competition.

Look, it has the look and feel of Twitter. A raw Twitter, make no mistake about that. I mean, it's still kind of clunky, using your phone. And you can only get it on... I don't even think it's available on... it's still not available on desktop, right? And I don't even think it's available on Android yet. So, this will be a slow go, a slow uptake. If you've got... No, that's to join the waiting list.

The app itself. Yeah, you can join on a desktop website, but you can't...

Yeah, you can't... Yeah, coming soon to Google, is that what it says? Yeah, so it's going to be a little while, but it's fun. It's a tribe of happiness.

Of course, you're not really sure what to make of... you're just praying Biden doesn't screw up this Ukraine thing that much. I mean, that's all you got, right? You can only hope and pray that he doesn't lose lives, American lives, especially. And doesn't make a boneheaded decision. Because he's already messed this up. I mean we're a year into his presidency and we're back into the Cold War. I mean, what's next, Cuban Missile Crisis?

I mean, this is just... it's just silly and unnecessary. But he's going to go down as a very, very, very bad president. This country has survived bad presidents before, and we'll get through this one, but he's already going down as one of the worst. The economic performance, you're well aware of - inflation, gas prices, food prices, stagnant growth in salaries, stagnant growth in jobs, supply chain stuff. I've always thought... and I think this has been proven correct that he was going to be a total disaster. I mean, you could spend money, spend your way out of economic crisis. I mean, eventually some of that money helps. I mean, it's got to, if you're going to spend trillions of dollars. Some of that money just, logically, it has to help somebody.

Where he's a wolf in sheep's clothing is on the foreign policy arena. It's where he's totally outmatched, intellectually. It's where he has no clue how to execute military strategy, how to select the proper military strategy. How to stand up to a foreign adversary, when to stand up to a foreign adversary. How to recruit a coalition of the willing to get your allies on your side. He doesn't have barely any experience at all doing any of those things.

And he gets quite upset... there was some reporting, I think in The New York Times. He gets quite upset when people challenge him and his foreign policy bonafides. This is the same guy... for all of Obama's warts, Biden's the same guy who tried to convince Obama not to go after bin Laden and was on record as saying he disagreed with the decision to go after him. His instincts are poor and we all know about his challenge as an elderly man. That's sort of putting it politely. He doesn't have the stamina to execute a foreign policy entanglement, to execute a war, to execute a battle.

Not to mention the potential conflicts with his family and the Ukrainian government, which if you're going to put on your black helicopter hat, your conspiracy hat, you're thinking, well, maybe Putin will go in there, find real hard evidence of the Biden family's corruption activities in Ukraine and show it to the entire world. Or worse, probably worse, if he ever were to find the real hard evidence, probably uses blackmail against the family, against our government.

So, those are the things that just are particularly concerning about this Ukraine situation. So yeah, all those things are being commented on, on TRUTH... I was talking about the whole platform. And that's the sentiment there, if you can't get on. Yeah, people joke like, look, this is way too far away. We've got the southern border to figure out. And all that's true. All that's true.

But at the end of the day, if the commander-in-chief orders our brothers and sisters into harms way, say a little prayer for that decision. Say a little prayer for the decisionmaker, that he gets it right. That he does that at the right time. And most importantly say a little prayer for the boys and girls who are going to go execute that mission, because there's a better than even-money chance that their boss telling them to go do that mission is way, way, way over his head.

Over and out.


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