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‘Fact Checking’ Is A Joke

Hunter Biden revealed Wednesday that he is under federal investigation for “tax affairs.”

Who would have ever thought?

Reporter James Rosen of the New York Post certainly thought this, and even published a story about Joe Biden’s son’s alleged shady business dealings days before the presidential election.

Both Twitter and Facebooks censored it. The media attempted to completely black out the story.

Whoops. Hunter Biden himself has admitted it’s true.

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asked “Big Tech and the Media teamed up to bury a story about corruption in the Biden family. Only now—after the election—are they reporting the truth about Hunter Biden's federal investigation.”

“What took so long?” McCarthy added.

Rosen was not the first journalist to delve into Hunter Biden’s potentially criminal business dealings including any China relationships, but for every assertion there might be something there, there was an official “fact check” to assure us there was not.

Politifact told us in October regarding the Biden’s alleged China relationships that, “Foreign policy experts say these allegations do not add up to a picture of Joe Biden being corrupt or pursuing policies contrary to the national interest. There is no evidence that Hunter Biden came close to breaking the law, much less any evidence that his father has done so.”

Never even “came close” to breaking the law. Hunter Biden’s current federal investigators might eventually draw a different conclusion.

Politifact was also careful to let us know that “Critics say that the Trump family’s financial entanglements are at least as problematic, if not more so, than the Bidens’.”

Even when the target is not Donald Trump, media gatekeepers need to remind you the president is a bad man.

CNN’s fact checker let us know that “There is no evidence that former Vice President Joe Biden received money from China. Though when it comes to Biden's son Hunter, Trump's allegations are not thoroughly unfounded.”

The Washington Post’s fact checker gave President Trump four Pinocchios after a debate for saying Hunter Biden had received Chinese money.

Here is what CNN reported on Wednesday, one day after Hunter Biden admitted he was the subject of a federal investigation (emphasis added), “Investigators have been examining multiple financial issues, including whether Hunter Biden and his associates violated tax and money laundering laws in business dealings in foreign countries, principally China, according to two people briefed on the probe.”

This is not to say Hunter Biden is guilty of what he has been accused of. It is not even to say that the various fact checks cited here were entirely wrong given the information available at the time.

It is to say that the job of reporters is to follow leads and see what they might turn up. More information might have been available for these fact checks if more reporters had done their job.

True journalists are supposed to look for facts no matter where it may lead them, not avoid facts because they worry where it will lead.

What happened with the Hunter Biden controversy was the entire non-conservative media deciding Hunter was a non-story because it might hurt Joe Biden’s election chances, with a huge assist from Twitter and Facebook.

They should all be condemned. The jig is up.

We had so many fact checks up until the election telling us unequivocally that there was no fire where plenty of conservative journalists were, at the very least, finding smoke.

We now learn the official “fact-checkers” were completely wrong.

The whole "fact checking"premise was absurd from the get-go. It took just a few months for the fact-checking system to embarrass itself into irrelevancy.

Now that the election is over, at a bare minimum, we learn that James Rosen and other conservative journalists who investigated Hunter Biden’s business affairs had the story correct.

The “fact checks” won’t age well. Same as their entire profession. ‘Fact Checking’ is a joke and the media suppression of the Hunter Biden story proves it.

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