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'Follow the Science?' Abortion Activist Says Men Can Get Pregnant. Seriously?!

If you want a good idea of just how much the Left has lost its collective mind, pay attention to this exchange this week on Capitol Hill.

It's almost too dumb to believe:


What happened to "follow the science?"

We don't claim to be doctors. But we are pretty sure you have to have a uterus to have a baby. We can launch an extensive study into the matter to be sure, but for the time being we are quite confident in saying that having particular female organs are necessary to create human life.

Why is the maniac in this video even testifying before Congress?

Again, as Rep. Dan Bishop noted on Twitter, Democrats claim to be the party of science!

The mocking was endless - and rightfully so.

Why is the Left so eager to erase women?

However much progressives hate it, biology is biology.

But if you're still not sure, one last time...

Pass it on!

Democrats will so deserve the beating they're going to get this November.


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