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Gaetz vs. Washington

(From 19:48)

TOPIC: Kevin McCarthy and Matt Gaetz's Approach to Conservative Advocacy


"You are not going to get conservative victories sitting in a Fox green room barking about it."


  1. Kevin McCarthy's public presentation is more oriented towards Washington insiders rather than the general public.

  2. Matt Gaetz has the ability to effectively communicate on liberal networks and correct misinformation.

  3. Gaetz's approach contrasts with others like Jim Jordan, who is criticized for having multiple "top priorities."

  4. The importance of an open process in Congress allows for equal representation among members and achieving conservative goals.

  5. Recent conservative achievements include defunding climate change legislation, defunding abortion policy, and preventing troop deployment in Ukraine.

  6. The current political climate is a learning opportunity for the conservative movement, emphasizing the importance of active participation over mere commentary.



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