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Happy Birthday, Inflation Reduction Act!

Updated: Aug 20, 2023


TOPIC: The Inflation Reduction Act turned 1 year old on Wednesday, David Bozell lays out its many failures and Republican failures in getting rid of it.


"So, happy one-year birthday to the 'Inflation Reduction Act.' I hope you fail, and I hope you die, and I hope Republicans are responsible for your death."


  1. The Inflation Reduction Act turns one year old and is Joe Biden's signature legislative 'achievement.'

  2. The act expanded IRS agents with an $80 billion budget among many other spending boondoggles.

  3. Despite not reducing inflation, even Joe Biden admits it's a bad name for the bill.

  4. The expansion of the IRS is a threat to conservatism as a whole.

  5. Kevin McCarthy not to fund the IRS expansion and he has failed, so far.

  6. Biden lacks significant foreign policy achievements (Ukraine and Afghanistan are abject failures) or any other domestic achievements.

  7. Republicans need to keep their promise and defund the IRA. If they don't, it could bring about the end of the party.




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