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Happy Kathy Barnette Upset Day


David Bozell: G-o-o-d m-o-r-n-i-n-g, ForAmerica. Happy Kathy Barnette Upset Day? Maybe, in Pennsylvania? A little birdie told me that one of the camps, one of the other two camps, I won't say which one because it's not really important, but one of the other two front runners thinks that Kathy has it in the bag.

So, we'll see. We'll see. I mean, look, some of the attacks, I think, have been, on her, have been pretty despicable. And I think Oz, I mean, for all his complaints about maybe Kathy being untouched or unvetted, no one's really laid a real glove on him. And no one has really gone negative on Oz and he was still getting booed.

So, like I said a few shows ago, I prefer my nominees not to get booed at the President's rallies, just a personal preference. But look, don't let anybody tell you that so-and-so can't win in a general election. I'll break a little news to you, but you're smart enough to already know this. Nobody knows. Nobody knows. They're just guessing. And anyone can win, anyone can lose. What did Chris Berman say when he was running NFL Primetime on ESPN?

That's why they play the game.

That's why they lace them up and play. I mean, look at next door to Pennsylvania, look at Ohio. It's turned red. They've got like a self-avowed socialist in Sherrod Brown as their senator. I mean, he's like the most left-wing dude in there. And they love him. If he were running now, he'd probably win going away. Who knows why? They love him. He runs a good operation, apparently, a satisfactory one in Ohio.

So, anyone can win anywhere at any time. And Kathy Barnette can easily win a general election if she runs a solid campaign and gets out the proper vote. And paints with bold colors, draws a contrast, continues to inspire, and she can easily win. But we'll see. There's going to be mail-in vote shenanigans again in Pennsylvania, but big, big race in Pennsylvania.

Also, in North Carolina you got Ted Budd. Good dude, except for the vote that he just made for the Ukraine bill, was not a fan of that, but he should improve the quality of the Senate representation in North Carolina considerably over Richard Burr. So, he was a Trump endorsee, Ted Budd. And so Pennsylvania and North Carolina going to the polls today.

And we could be in for a titanic upset in Pennsylvania. We'll see. Happy Kathy Barnette Upset Day! Take it easy.


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