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If anyone on the Right had said this...

Joe Biden is prone to saying silly things. And he kicked June off with a bang with this head-spinner: "...young black entrepreneurs...don't have lawyers, they don't have accountants."

Lots to unpack here, including this weird assumption that white people starting a business are flush with accountants and lawyers. Teams of accountants and lawyers.

It's a ridiculous comment to be sure. One of many for Biden. Is it "racist," per say? Maybe? Probably? Who knows these days what is racist and what is not racist? You know it when you see it seems like an obsolete determination.

Still, we know this much: had anyone on the Right made this statement, every liberal rag and network would have a fleet of entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers and talking heads condemning that person as racist.

They would've been cancelled into the fires of hell.


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