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If you're a Republican willing to sign off on Biden's spending, you're not a conservative

Republican Sen. Richard Shelby is hoping to give the Biden administration everything it wants by passing the omnibus spending bill this month.

“We had a meeting yesterday with our leadership,” Shelby told reporters on Wednesday. “Basically, and this is McConnell and others, we’d like to get an omnibus if we can but not at any cost.”

Huh? What "costs" are you even attempting to negotiate on?

Shelby - a member of the Republican Party - seems eager to pass the Democrats' $1.7 trillion spending package as soon as possible. There are other Republicans - Sens. Rick Scott, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Mike Braun - who have instead pushed for a stopgap spending measure that would create a bridge into the new year when Republicans would have a House majority and could potentially renegotiate spending.

There shouldn't be a split on this for alleged Republicans.

In simple terms: There are Republicans like Shelby who want to give Biden everything he wants. Then there are Republicans who don't. There are two GOP teams: Those addicted to spending and everyone else. Those who are addicted to spending hold the levers of power and outnumber the actual fiscal conservatives in the Republican Party.

This is sick. If you're on the team that's addicted to spending, why even be a Republican? Be a Democrat.

Is there even an aura of negotiations or cutting some spending with Shelby and McConnell?

It's way past time for new leadership. New blood. Sen. Scott, who challenged Mitch McConnell as leader last month, wrote in an exclusive op-ed for the Washington Examiner, "The old Washington establishment Republican path of never having a vision is over. It’s dying. A new wave of bold and aggressive Republicans who will stand up and fight is demanding change from our leaders in Washington."

“I ran for Senate leader because the current plan of routinely caving in and allowing Schumer and Biden to win must stop and because we must become a party with a plan to rescue America,” Scott wrote. “My effort to change the way the Senate operates is not over. In fact, it is just beginning. We can no longer be merely a speed bump on the road to socialism.”


If current GOP leadership is fine with giving Democrats all the spending they want, why is there even a Republican Party?

I understand that Dick Shelby is a member of the GOP. But if you're on the team that's addicted to spending, you're not an actual Republican. You're not on my team. You're not a conservative.

You're not what your party advertises.


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