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Imagine if Don Jr. had 'crazy sex' videos on a laptop stolen by the Russians

Imagine if in 2016 a story broke that Donald Trump, Jr. was on video having "crazy sex" and telling a naked prostitute about compromising videos on a laptop that he believes was stolen by a Russian.

The President of the United States' son possibly compromising national security with his foolish antics in the most salacious manner imaginable? Don Jr. would be toast. Biden even admits in the video he thinks the laptop was stolen to use to blackmail him.

The entire left once rallied to impeach Donald Trump over stuff they all made up about the president and Russia. Imagine if they had something like this! Something real!

But no, this time it's just Joe Biden's son making crazy sex videos on laptops stolen by the Russians, so no one in major media will care. Their job is to protect Joe Biden, after all.

But conservatives care. Starting with Don Jr.

This is perfect.

And then there is this...

CNN reports.



And finally, we have to ask...


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