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Important Reads, Memes, and Themes

Catch up on what's been going on today with articles, memes, videos, and more!


Articles of the day:

  • The Supreme Court will evaluate the constitutionality of Biden's student loan forgiveness: READ.

  • It's time for Fauci to face the facts - we know where Covid came from, he just doesn't want to admit he was wrong. READ.

  • Janet Yellen promises continued economic support to Ukraine, despite American's struggling economically: READ.

  • "Florida Governor DeSantis ends 'corporate kingdom' of Walt Disney World:" READ.

Videos of the day:

Memes of the day:

What's the difference between a "conspiracy theory" and the news cycle? About 3-6 months.

Speaking of DeSantis ending special privileges for the mouse...

The student debt issue in terms that Sleepy Joe might understand...


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