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Jesus, Take the Wheel: American Flag Torn Down at GW

The George Washington University is among the most expensive private colleges in the country. Students there, despite living in one of the richest areas, attending a prestigious university, and having every need met decided to disrespect the flag and country that gave them those luxuries. Students in GW's U-Yard removed the American flag and replaced it with a Palestinian flag. American students are being taught to hate their country and supported by Leftist universities to act on that hatred.

GW professor Zein El-Amine who reportedly also teaches at American and Georgetown Universities also in Washington, DC took the opportunities of living in the Capital to harass GOP Congressmen Byron Donalds, calling him a "race traitor" and "uncle Tom." This professor's bio lists him as a "Palestinian activist, professor, podcast host, author," but they seemingly forgot to include "racist, terrorist sympathizer" while writing it.

Jesus, take the wheel!


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