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Jesus, Take the Wheel: "LGBTQ activist threatens people" that don't respect pronouns

This woman with bright red hair seems well adjusted... she casually threatens to use violence against anyone that doesn't respect pronouns. In the video, she says, "you can either respect my trans homies, or I can identify as a f*****g problem." After that, she goes further saying that if she catches someone being "disrespectful," "your pronouns are going to be was/were." She is seemingly openly threatening to kill anyone that doesn't capitulate to the Leftist radical gender cult.

It's part and parcel of the Left whose motto may as well be "in the name of tolerance, we can't tolerate you." It's hypocritical, asinine, violent, and disturbed. They push this on children in schools and demand everyone join in their delusion.

Jesus, take the wheel!

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May 14

  Is that a woman, or is that a mentally-ill man that thinks he's a woman?  I very much suspect the latter.

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