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Jesus, Take the Wheel: Middle school student stopped from speaking about patriotism

A California middle schooler named Jimmy ran for the student council position of "Commissioner of School Spirit & Patriotism" at his school. According to Libs of TikTok:

principal allegedly made him change his speech and remove all mention of patriotism. When he refused, she reportedly didn’t allow him to give the speech and he was forced to sit there humiliated, and watch the other contenders give their speeches.
Jimmy’s mom is asking people to watch and share her son’s speech which he wasn’t able to give. It’s a great speech, and very patriotic- exactly like the name of the position he was running for suggests!

Woke teachers and school administrators around the country use their positions to force their radial politics on kids, like Jimmy. A kid running for a position where the title includes "patriotism" shouldn't be attacked for being patriotic. The Left continues to come for children.

Jesus, take the wheel!


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