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Joe Biden has Reached "LAME DUCK STATUS"

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Good morning, everybody. David Bozell here, your conductor, ForAmerica, on the job - NEVER GIVING THE LEFT A FREE DAY!

Joe Biden's poll numbers are disgusting, disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. I mean, no wonder... No wonder you had a bunch of Democrats coming out to The New York Times over the weekend saying that he was old, too old.

And Joe Biden's too old. Axelrod said it was going to be a "major issue in 2024, if he ran again. He'd be in his low 80s." Biden, by then.

Of course, some guys came to his defense in that same New York Times piece, "Of course, he's going to run, vibrant," all those things.

But the reason why they're coming out on the age issue is politely trying to be passive aggressive and tell him, "Dude, you've got a 33% approval rating, 33." That is bottom of the barrel, bottom of the toilet stuff in the latest Quinnipiac poll, which not exactly robust, conservative polling coming out of Quinnipiac University. 33% approval.

He has a disapproval with young adults, this is Biden, with young adults of 54 to 22. 54% of young adults disapprove of him, 54. That was supposed to be, according to a lot of the Democrat rhetoric - "Young people carried the day. Young people were responsible for the 81 million people." Okay. "Mail-in college voters, right?" That's what they said.

58% of Hispanics disapprove of Biden.

You're just not going to get much lower than 33%.

Remember when Trump would tweet out from time to time? He would say, "Thank you, Republicans. I'm honored to get a 98% approval rating from you." Didn't really know what to make of it other than Trump being braggadocios Trump, and that was fine and funny, but the underlying political point was that he had his base, which in the modern political area you need. You can't win without it, so he kept bragging that he had these high 90% approval ratings among Republicans, Trump did.

In this Quinnipiac poll, Biden is down to 73% with Democrats, which still, for those of us who are not Democrats, it still is kind of a head scratcher. But still, that's more than a quarter of all Democrats. One out of every four Democrats disapprove of what he's doing, okay?

Even he's underwater with white people with college degrees, four-year college degrees, he's underwater, which have been trending liberal for some time now. I'm a white guy with a four-year college degree. I would put me in that camp for sure in terms of disapproval, but that demo has been trending liberal for a long, long time, kind of the woke demo.

He's basically split with blacks 45%-45%. It's not a great number.

68% of Hispanic adults disapprove of what Biden's doing, 58% of Hispanics overall.

So, what do you do? What do you do? What's the political climate here?

They're trying to distract with J6 stuff, and we get all that, so you just sort of ignore all that stuff and understand what it is that they're trying to do, which is basically to save him. They're trying to save Biden, trying to make sure that you don't know that three-quarters of Americans can't stand him, don't approve of what he's doing on a day-to-day. Three-quarters, that's three out of every four. Just you walk 100 miles from any direction to any direction, find 100 people, 75 of them, 75% of them. Eh, maybe not that much, but six out of 10, seven out of 10 can't stand Joe Biden right now.

So, he has no bully pulpit, right? He has none of the inherent political advantages that a president, particularly in the modern digital era might have. He's not in control of his digital operations. He doesn't tweet on his own. He's not authentic. At least Trump's, you knew, even though maybe Scavino was doing it, you knew it was Trump's words or Trump's dictation. Okay, so he doesn't have a direct pipeline access to the country.

A lot of the networks just barely cover him, because he's a gaff machine. He can't give a major address without fumbling on his words or fumbling on his message and then having to backtrack on it. His handler's having to backtrack on what he had said. He does not have the normal inherent political advantages that a White House would have, which is really the bully pulpit. You get to control the narrative. So, it's an opportunity. It's wide open. It's wide open.


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