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LeBron James' Son Gets Attacked by Leftists for Taking a White Girl to Prom. Seriously?!

Just when you thought you have seen it all in how loosely the Left defines "racism," a "progressive" mob came down on the son of NBA legend Lebron James over the weekend for the high crime of...

Taking a date to the prom. Who happened to be white.

We're not kidding.

Larry Elder had a good question for these critics.

Yes. Are the Vice President of the United States and the first black woman on the Supreme Court racist because their husbands are white?

We already know Lefties have long accused Clarence Thomas of racism...

...despite the fact that Thomas is is obviously black and married to a white woman.

But Republicans are going to make interracial marriage illegal?!?

We're very confused.

It's funny to watch right-leaning folks defending a teenage boy for who he takes to prom based on the color of his and her skin, and many other folks who might not lean right doing the complaining.

He’s a kid. Let Bronny James live his young life. Let's stop judging others by the color of their skin. Which sounds familiar...

And let's face it, how many of these critics were just jealous? Tell'em Larry:


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