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Let's Cut Some Sending: $200 million for ‘Pelosi’s Park’

Remember the absolutely critical Omnibus spending bill Congress muscled through at the end of last year? It was 4,000 pages that no one read that cost taxpayers $1.7 trillion.

In our Let's Cut Some Spending series, ForAmerica will chronicle parts of the 2021 and 2022 spending bills from a variety of sources that you probably don't know about - programs, grants and spending of all kinds that should have never happened in the first place and many that are still happening.

Today’s offering: $200 million for ‘Pelosi’s Park’

Fox Business reports:

Republicans cried foul this week over $200 million earmarked in the House Democrats’ massive $3.5 trillion budget resolution for the Presidio Park in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district, according to reports.
"Their deficit spending proposals saddle future generations with insurmountable debt in order to give Nancy Pelosi things like a $200 million earmark," Rep. Bruce Westerman, R-Ark., ranking member of the House Natural Resources Committee, said Thursday while the committee began marking up the bill, according to The Washington Times. The Presidio is a 1,500-acre national historic park that sits on the San Francisco Peninsula. Drivers see the park as they enter San Francisco from Marin County via the Golden Gate Bridge. Pelosi helped build support to create the Presidio Trust when the park transitioned from a military installation in the 1990s. The speaker is also known to frequent the park herself.

Spending millions of your hard-earned money for Pelosi's enjoyment is NOT a walk in the park.


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