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Let's Cut Some Spending: $123B for teachers unions after holding schools hostage

Pasco County Schools

In our Let's Cut Some Spending series, ForAmerica chronicles the many ways Washington wastes YOUR tax dollars - and as you’ll see, the list is endless.

Today’s offering: $123 billion for 'education' after teachers unions held schools hostage during the pandemic!

The Daily Signal reports:

Teachers Unions Held Schools Hostage
Perhaps the most infuriating part of the spending spree took place in early 2021.
Amid a raging debate about reopening schools, with children receiving substandard educations, teachers unions were pressing to keep schools closed. That was part of a pressure campaign to give government-run K-12 schools a massive federal handout.
The Biden administration kowtowed to teachers unions, and it was later revealed that officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention colluded with union officials on school-reopening guidance to help stack the deck.
In the end, Democrats approved $123 billion for public K-12 schools, rewarding the unions for holding schools hostage.
Since there was no pandemic-related need for such a huge amount of money, much of it went toward hiring sprees and raises for school employees.
Regrettably, the obscure nature of how funds were distributed means that we will likely never know what public schools did with that windfall.

This is one part of a report on how the federal government's radical spending spree over the last few years and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to today's drastic inflation.

So many kids will have long-term damage due to not being in school for all that time due to COVID.

And when schools re-opened, teachers unions found a way to put pressure on the Biden administration for even more money.

OUR money.


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