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Let's Cut Some Spending: $21B in foreign aid in two years

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In our Let's Cut Some Spending series, ForAmerica chronicles the many ways Washington wastes YOUR tax dollars - and as you’ll see, the list is endless.

Today’s offering: $21 billion in foreign aid from 2021-2023!

Open the Books reports:

Seventeen Middle Eastern countries, plus Egypt, received $20.8 billion in U.S. foreign aid during the Biden administration in fiscal years 2021-2023, according to U.S. government disclosures. Israel received $6.615 billion. Jordan and Yemen received the next highest funding levels, with $3.8 and $3.2 billion, respectively.
Hamas’ terrorist attacks against Israel on October 7 claimed more than 1,400 lives. Neighboring Middle Eastern countries soon spoke out against Israel taking some retaliatory measures. Principally, they objected to Israel causing civilian casualties by invading Gaza to rescue Israel and U.S. hostages taken October 7, and to eliminate Hamas once and for all.
Auditors at decided to take a closer look at foreign aid spending in the region. The countries in the “Middle East” are defined by the United Nations “based on geographical and climatic homogeneity.”
Note: Iran didn’t receive direct taxpayer dollars, but an estimated $50 billion from loosed sanctions, unfrozen assets, and other policy changes by the Biden administration. Furthermore, the Biden administration restarted $1 billion in Palestinian aid through the United Nations after a Trump freeze.

Do all these countries need or deserve OUR tax dollars? When we are $33 TRILLION in debt?

President Donald Trump actually tried to cut foreign aid multiple times but was always blocked by Congress.

But he was right. Maybe we fund Israel and cut the rest. Maybe we cut all of it.

Regardless, there needs to be a debate and there needs to be cuts.

Because we can't keep giving money away we simply don't have.


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