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Let's Cut Some Spending: $45 billion to elite universities over last 5 years

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In our Let's Cut Some Spending series, ForAmerica chronicles the many ways Washington wastes YOUR tax dollars - and as you’ll see, the list is endless.

Today’s offering: $45 billion to elite universities in last 5 years!

From Open The Books:

Who knew that the Ivy League and other wealthy institutions were taxing you, the American people?
Incredibly, it’s a $45 billion largess during the most recent five-year period.
Our auditors at quantified the federal payments on contracts and grants and special tax treatment of their endowments into the eight schools of the Ivy League plus Stanford University and Northwestern University.
Since 2018, $33 billion of federal contracts and grants flowed to these ten colleges – averaging $6.6 billion annually.
Today, these “educational” non-profits are more federal contractor than they are educator. Their $33 billion in federal contracts and grants outpaced their collection of undergraduate student tuition.

The report also noted, "Many of these schools have received attention for left-wing agitation and advocacy from students and administrators alike in the past five years."

You just can't make this up. America is dead broke and our government is sending billions of dollars we don't have to universities where so many of the students and staff hate the country.



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