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Let's Cut Some Spending: $750K for services for LGBT and ‘gender nonconforming'

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Remember the absolutely critical Omnibus spending bill Congress muscled through at the end of last year? It was 4,000 pages that no one read and cost taxpayers $1.7 trillion.

In our Let's Cut Some Spending series, ForAmerica will chronicle parts of the 2021 and 2022 spending bills from a variety of sources that you probably don't know about - programs, grants and spending of all kinds that should have never happened in the first place and many that are still happening.

Today’s offering: $750,000 for services for LGBT and ‘gender nonconforming!’

Fox News reports:

"The omnibus bill will funnel MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to LGBT groups peddling radical gender ideology - many of those $$$ will go to orgs that target YOUTH. You won’t believe how ridiculous some of these earmarks are," Rep. Chip Roy tweeted.
More than $2 million is included to fund a "facility infrastructure upgrade" at the National Great Blacks In Wax Museum, Inc. in Baltimore, $750,000 is set aside for "Transitional Housing and Services for LGBT and Gender Non-Conforming" in Albany, New York, $1.5 million for the LOFT or "The Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center Inc.," in New York, $750,000 for the acquisition of a building to create the Brooklyn Center for Social Justice, Entrepreneurship and the Arts and $1 million for Zora's House in Columbus, Ohio, which describes itself as a "non-profit coworking and community space built by and for women and gender expansive people of color."

What does this even mean? If you're heterosexual or someone who identifies as the sex you were born with you can't use this housing?

More importantly, why are federal tax dollars even going toward THIS?!?

April 15 is about half a year away. Think about this the next time the federal government robs you of your money. Again.


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