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Let's Cut Some Spending: $80,000 for a Model UN in Nepal

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Remember the absolutely critical Omnibus spending bill Congress muscled through at the end of last year? It was 4,000 pages that no one read and cost taxpayers $1.7 trillion.

In our Let's Cut Some Spending series, ForAmerica will chronicle parts of the 2021 and 2022 spending bills from a variety of sources that you probably don't know about - programs, grants and spending of all kinds that should have never happened in the first place and many that are still happening.

Today’s offering: $80,000 for a Model United Nations in Nepal!

Real Clear Investigations reports:

The State Department’s U.S. Embassy to Nepal in Kathmandu will spend $80,000 to throw a Model United Nations conference in Nepal.
Model UN is an extracurricular activity where students role play politicians or representatives in simulations of government bodies...
The conference should include people with at least a bachelor’s degree and the group of participants should be at least 50% female and represent “Nepal’s cultural, religious, ethnic, and social diversity.” There will be smaller regional simulations hosted in all seven provinces, and a larger conference in Kathmandu.


As Americans continue to deal with rising inflation - their tax dollars are going towards THIS?

In Nepal. For some reason.

Exactly, what country do we live in again?


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