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Let's Cut Some Spending: Man defrauds COVID fund to buy $57,000 Pokemon card

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In our Let's Cut Some Spending series, ForAmerica chronicles the many ways Washington wastes YOUR tax dollars - and as you’ll see, the list is endless.

Today’s offering: Man defrauds COVID relief fund to buy $57,000 Pokemon card!

The Hill reports:

Federal prosecutors said a Georgia man used a COVID-19 relief loan to purchase a Pokemon card worth more than $57,000, according to The Associated Press.
Authorities arrested and charged Vinath Oudomsine of Dublin, Georgia Tuesday on one count of wire fraud, The Telegraph reported.
Court records indicated that the man lied on his Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) application about the number of people his business employed and his company’s gross revenue, according to The Telegraph.
Oudomsine received $85,000 in August 2020, using the money to buy the Pokemon card for $57,789, according to AP.

That's how close of an eye the government is keeping on your tax dollars.

Some guy got a COVID-19 loan to buy a Pokemon card.

You really can't make this up.


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