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Mark Levin: 'Biden Got Away with Endless Lies' in Debate

Slamming the first presidential debate that took place Tuesday night, conservative host Mark Levin said the event was saturated with questions from a “left perspective” and “endless lies and cheap shots” from Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“Biden got away with endless lies and cheap shots," Levin tweeted. "The questions were mostly asked from a left perspective (‘the science of climate change,’ what's wrong with ‘critical race theory’ training,’ etc.) and Biden went unchallenged by the moderator far too often."

“For example, for months Biden was silent about the riots, he has no real plan for the coronavirus, he supports public funding for abortion, etc. I'd also be interested in seeing the time allocation as well as it certainly seemed to me that Biden had more time,” Levin continued.

The debate was moderated by Fox News Chris Wallace who constantly interjected as the candidates interrupted each other.

“The president had to force his way into the discussion at times, he was quite good on specifics and getting his issues into the debate," Levin added. "Biden unleashed repeated personal attacks, including resorting to name-calling, like ‘clown,’ ‘racist,’ 'shut up,’ etc.”

“And Biden looked 10-years older than his 77 years. More thoughts tomorrow,” Levin concluded in his thread.

No doubt, "The Great One" will have plenty more to say on this subject.

There are two presidential debates remaining, to be held on Oct. 15 and Oct. 22.


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