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Mark Levin warns Biden-Sanders 'unity platform' just a list of 'failed experiments'

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Mark Levin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Thursday that the Joe Biden-Bernie Sanders "unity platform" is just a list extreme left policies that will "adversely harm the workers in this country, the families in this country, [and] the communities in this country.”

Levin warned Dems' agenda was "akin to 'The Communist Manifesto."

"This is the Bernie Sanders - Biden manifesto. Nobody is discussing it,” Levin said. “No newsroom read it. It's not discussed at the Democratic National Convention ... I want people to know what's in this document.”

“It's 110 pages long [of] how they will destroy your country," Levin said.

Levin ran down the Dam docket which featured everything from spending $2 trillion on a ridiculous climate agenda to ditching border protection.

"Here's the bottom line," Levin told Hannity. "Any one of these proposals by this crazy left-wing party ... will adversely harm the workers in this country, the families in this country, the communities in this country."

Levin said more Americans need to worry about "substance of what the Democratic Party is running on,” rather than the flowery speeches at their convention, which the media obsesses over.

The Great One opined, “If they win… everything about your country is going to change for the worse.” 

“America will not look like America again,” he warned. “We've tried these failed experiments throughout Europe, we've tried them throughout the Third World. You get poverty, you get dislocation, you get massive inequality, you get a police state. That's what they stand for. That's it."

Levin said that Biden-Harris and the Democrats want to take the "greatest country on the earth, the freest country on the earth,  the most magnificent country on the face of the earth -- despite all these lies about systemic racism  -- and destroy it.”


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