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Matt Gaetz & Co. Take the High Ground...

(From 24:00)

TOPIC: The Power of Conservative Messaging and the Importance of Regular Order in Congress


"When conservatism is given a fair and equal shot to survive, it will thrive."


  1. Kevin McCarthy and his team were initially resistant to opening the floor and following regular order.

  2. The "no CR" group, including Gaetz, Bishop, Biggs, and Crane, successfully won the messaging war, forcing a shift in strategy.

  3. The open floor led to the introduction and passage of many conservative amendments.

  4. While there might be compromises on the total dollar amount, significant policy victories can be achieved.

  5. Conservatism thrives when given a fair platform, as evidenced by its dominance on platforms like X and historical success on Facebook.

  6. Historically, the rise of conservative media figures like Rush Limbaugh and the success of Fox News underscore the power of conservative messaging.

  7. Regular order in Congress allows for a fair representation of conservative values and leads to policy wins.

  8. Watch C-SPAN and engage in the political process, observe the challenges Democrats face in defending their spending - conservatism can and will win if given the chance.



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