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"No Security, No Funding"

Government funding is set to run out on September 30th, but before that, Congress is expected to (or at least attempt to) pass 12 appropriations bills. Congress, however, doesn't return to Washington until September 12th from their August recess, leaving them with just a few weeks to pass funding. More than likely this time-crunch will result in them voting on a short-term extension of government funding called a continuing resolution rather than the 12 appropriations bills.

Democrats and squishy Republicans will likely prefer to continue their business as usual - funding where they spend away America's future on things no one wants, we can't afford, and are being used to attack Americans.

The House Freedom Caucus has a different plan, though.

The House Freedom Caucus has a list of demands that they require in order to fund the government. Their demands include passing the "Secure the Border Act of 2023" to secure the border, diminish human and drug trafficking, and restore some order to America's southern border. Additionally, they demand an end to the weaponization of the government against innocent Americans and the use of the federal government to crack down on political opponents. Lastly, they want the woke out of the military.

These should be fundamental parts of the Republican platform going forward. We cannot allow this to continue any longer - if we want the madness to end, we need to stop funding the madness.

Republicans cannot support funding for the next fiscal year while receiving no concessions from the Left, only to turn around and blow out the spending in the name of appeasing the manufactured crisis they can avoid right now.

It is well past time that House Republicans use their constitutionally-mandated “Power of the Purse." America can't afford any more, America doesn't want any more, and the Americans in the House Freedom Caucus won't put up with any more of the DC uniparty's reckless spending and tyranny.


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