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Pink Floyd & Trump make for strange bedfellows


DAVID: I think I'm probably the only guy in America who thinks this may be interesting. Maybe not... I hope not. But I noticed Roger Waters, Pink Floyd's Roger Waters. I actually saw him in concert a couple months ago in DC, he was terrific. And he actually played "Sheep" from the album "Animals," which is my favorite playing Floyd song— I'm gonna play that on the way home today.

Roger Waters of all people took Victoria Nuland to task and other people— Anthony Blinken, Jake Sullivan from National Security Council... and called Victoria Nuland a war monger. I don't know how old this is, this undated video, but I think it's recent. So this is Roger Waters, Pink Floyd's lead singer. If you know anything about his sort of political philosophy, he's anti-war all the time. And that's fine. But he's taken the Biden administration to the absolute woodshed over Ukraine, so here's Rogers:

So, essentially he's blaming United States foreign policy for violating long-standing agreements with Russia— encroaching on Russia inch by inch, moving east past Germany. What made it interesting to me was that just yesterday, Trump of all people says the SAME THING, calling Victoria Nuland a warmonger:

Trump doesn't mention Anthony Blinken by name, but he blames the State Department. He names Victoria Nuland, and here's Roger Waters ticking off Blinken's name, ticking off Nuland's name, both calling her a warmonger.

I just think it's just funny, interesting that we live in the best times, don't we? These are, that is like the strangest of bedfellows. And make no mistake, Roger Waters probably cannot stand Donald Trump and the feeling's probably mutual.

I saw his concert, it's a lot of anti-Trump and some of it's anti-Biden, but a lot of it was anti-Trump. And if you can just stomach through that, pay attention to the tunes. If I didn't, if I made the political leanings of my favorite musicians the end-all-be-all, and that was my deciding factor as to what I would listen to, I probably wouldn't be listening to a lot of good music.

So, I'm pretty good at compartmentalizing, what they believe in personally or politically versus just putting on a show— putting on a good show for me. But I just found it incredibly interesting that POTUS 45 and the "Hey, teacher... leave those kids alone!" guy are on the same page as it relates to Victoria Nuland of all people, and this administration's policy on about Ukraine.

I Hope Biden's enjoying his flight back after promising another half a billion dollars to those guys. While little towns like East Palestine need his help— need his need, his attention, needs his administration's attention, and he's nowhere to be found.

Alright, guys, over and out.



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