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Quit Fussing Over The Biden Docs and Defund Something!

Documents, documents, documents. Oh, so many documents. More documents found in Joe Biden's house by his own legal team. Isn't that pleasant? Has his legal team been deputized to do this sort of work? To go comb through his home? I guess maybe the DOJ did the Friday one, but look I think I might be in the minority.

Look, I didn't really care about Trump's documents and I really don't care about Biden's. I just assumed these guys take a bunch of stuff home to take their work home with them. I really do. I've always assumed that. I'm sure if I had to guess, that 90% of elected officials past and present have so-called classified material floating around their homes.

For God's sakes, Biden might have classified documents in his Corvette's glove compartment, you have no idea. No, I'm not going to give the intelligence community that much gravitas to suggest that these guys can't take some stuff home. I'm just not, and look, I'm not a I'm not a Trump sycophant here, but I don't like this.

They've been after him for six plus years and Garland turns over the Trump investigation to a special council. So everyone starts crowing that Garland has to create another special council for the Biden situation. I'm in the minority. I don't want any special counsels.

I'm old enough to remember the Clinton thing, where special councils were created in a bipartisan fashion. Republicans and Democrats would agree on members of Congress, not the DOJ. There were not attorney generals just operating unilaterally. If I am the Republicans, I have one little deal I make.

Again, I'm in a deal making mode today, making deals on debt ceilings. Here's another one I'd go to.

I'd go to the Democrats and say 'anyone want to get rid of this? Defund this special Council for Biden? Oh, you do? Cool. How many of you? 20, 30? Great. Well, we want to get rid of our guy's special counsel.'

How about the US House of Representatives reclaims some of its own authority back here. Stop ceding its authority to the executive branch and, by extension, the Department of Justice. Say, we're not going to because the Holman rule allows you to defund certain bureaucrats by name.

I'd say the Republicans and Democrats get together in a bipartisan fashion to defund both special counsels. Both of them. Because I don't believe this sort of emerging narrative, and a lot of it's on the right, but are there some people probably out to get Biden gunning for his job?

Sure. I guess. But believe me - trust me when I tell you this - he's actively preparing his reelection announcement. It's gonna happen here in a couple weeks. So you're giving the liberal media an opportunity to frame Biden as like a comeback kid.

Oh, people were gunning for his job and predicting his demise... and here he is running for reelection again. Which is exactly what Biden wants. So in a lot of ways, outside of the cliques, I don't really understand why a lot of conservatives are running around saying someone, Kamala's, planting evidence. No, I don't think so. I really don't think so.

Look, Biden's got a ton of problems. He didn't navigate all this for the past 50 years and just is gonna get totally blown up because he left some documents in the garage. That's just not gonna happen. He may be dumb and outta touch and all of those things, but when it comes to political survival, he has a magic trick. You have to give that to him.

I just don't buy this narrative that -this is the thing- just like when the Trump document stuff was revealed, the more the liberals were hot and bothered by it the less and less I cared. Okay? If you follow that.

The more attention the liberal press gave Trump's documents, the less I cared because you can just bet better than money that there is no there, there.

So I, I'm gonna remain consistent. I didn't really care about Trump's documents and I really don't care about Biden's, honestly. I really don't. You take something out of the office and probably the worst thing you can do is bring it back because the office probably didn't even know it was missing. So he just keeps it at his house.

But I just I really don't believe that Biden had a treasure trove of documents that were, that are, smoking guns to take him. The Obama people who can't really stand him didn't say anything. And the Trump people who I'm sure knew, of course they knew, they also did not say anything.

I may be in the minority. I just assume the document situation will go away. It's nice that he's sort of twisting in the wind a little bit, but I don't think it's going to be the thing that takes him down. And I'm so energized by the House Republicans and what they want to do and how they should be reclaiming their constitutionally mandated authorities over the power of the purse.

I'm much more excited about what they want to do on the policy side to thwart him rather than sitting on my hands and waiting, like for the special counsel to go through documents. Because there's nothing in our present history that suggests that it's gonna amount to anything.

So I'm just already there. My head's already there. I think a smart Republican might go to a cadre of Democrats and say, 'hey, how about we just kill these special councils across the board and move on with our lives' and make that deal and move on with it. So again, I might be in the minority, but that's just the way I feel.

I'm just not too jazzed up about documents. Of course, here I am taping a podcast about it, so who the hell knows? All right guys. Over and out.



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