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Republicans Must Stand for Liberty and Prevent Government Door-Knocking.

This week we learned that the Biden administration was launching an effort to have government officials visit the individual homes of Americans who haven't received the experimental not-as-of-yet-FDA-approved drug, commonly known as the Covid-19 vaccine.

That’s right. Door-to-door. Knocking. They might come to your door. Something like this is already happening in Milwaukee.

What country do we live in again?

The government intrudes into our lives too much as is. Now Joe Biden and his party want to knock on the door of every American who chose not to get vaccinated for COVID for whatever reason, likely including those who have already had it.

This is an illegal invasion of our personal space. Republican Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky asked, “What right do they have to enter someone’s property, to begin with? At least the census is a constitutionally prescribed activity.”

Exactly. Yet, Democrats have never let something like the Constitution get in the way of their agenda. Biden’s Health and Human Services chief Xavier Becerra tried to rationalize on Thursday that it was "absolutely the government's business" right to know which Americans haven't been received their experimental drug shot.

Really? His reasoning: The government has had to "spend trillions of dollars to try to keep Americans alive during this pandemic. So it is absolutely the government's business, it is taxpayers' business, if we have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting COVID and helping reopen the economy.” How many taxpayer dollars do we spend on school lunches every year? Does the government have the “absolute” right to police every child’s home to make sure they received lunch? Are they going to knock, door-to-door to see who has Obamacare? How about when a Republican sits in the White House again, should GOP officials investigate every taxpayer-backed Planned Parenthood in America? We know how Becerra would feel about that.

No, spin as they may, going door-to-door to make sure you did something this administration insists you do is an affront to basic liberty typical of an authoritarian state. The government does not have right nor is it its business to do this just because it’s taxpayer funded. Period.

I don’t care if the funds are part of a spending package that has already passed. Republicans need to gut it and they need to run on gutting it.

Massie believes the funding is coming from the last stimulus package and “is already flowing to media and social media corporations through the $1 billion program ‘to increase vaccine confidence.’”

Massie added, “It took months to hire half a million people and collect census data. How does Biden practically expect to do this while still paying the unemployment bonus, without further exacerbating the labor shortage?”

Republicans need to demand to know where the funding is coming from, whether from a past appropriation or from a future spending bill, and do all in their power to prevent its implementation.

This effort by Biden will not be popular. It will also cost a lot of money.

That’s why Republicans must defund it. A complete no-brainer.

This is a direct violation of the privacy and personal freedom of millions of Americans at the hands of Joe Biden and his party. Blare that message every day, and track those dollars from where they come and stop them.

This isn’t advice. It’s a call. This is the kind of affront to liberty for which the Republican Party exists precisely to prevent.

So get to it. And if the GOP can’t pull this off in 2022, they will deserve to lose.


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Jul 11, 2021

Now I'm incredibly curious: what is your opinion Breonna Taylor's death and the policy of no-knock warrants?


Jul 10, 2021

Remind these door knockers trying to coerce you into taking an injection regardless if it’s purpose is wrong and is a violation of the Nuremberg code that is now part of us law. demand to see their identities and take pictures of it and them. Tell them you will keep their identities

and if a second Nuremberg trial (you will have to use simple words and speakmslow so these door knockers can understand) comes to pass you will submit their identities for prosecution for crimes against humanity humanity. if they say they are just following orders or it’s just a part time job jist tell them it was no different for the countless nazi foot soldiers that were found guilty…

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