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Send Barnette to the Senate

Updated: May 16, 2022

Partial Transcript:

David Bozell: Let's check in with the Pennsylvania Senate race. Tomorrow, big day, primary, primary day. Big, huge poll that was out that showed a statistical dead heat, 28-27, Oz and Barnette. That's out today, with McCormick kind of languishing at around 11 or 12.

Kathy Barnette/LancasterOnline

So, we've endorsed Barnett. We've searched far and wide. There's nothing I don't like. I mean, we've looked. Yeah. Is she an outsider? Sure. Does she have a so-called "record?" No, but I don't know. It's a gut thing. It's an instinct thing. She tells a hell of a story.

I think she's going to represent Pennsylvania well, represent your interests well, Pennsylvania. Maybe Oz would, maybe McCormick would, but I look at their opponent, this guy Fetterman, by the way, he had a stroke. The Democrat, I mean, poor guy. He's a big dude. I was reading up on him about who the Republican winner would face, and this guy John Fetterman is up like 30 plus points so he'll probably win. But then I just found out he had a stroke over the weekend. Seems to be okay. His wife announced it on their Twitter feed and here she is:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy, sweetheart...

Gisele Barreto Fetterman: I made you get checked out.

Okay, all right. Hey, hey, hey. To each his own.

But yeah, he wears hoodies and shorts. Big dude. Anyway, he's a self-identified Bernie bro. So there you go, right? A Bernie Sanders clone, only bigger and younger, and with a goatee. And so who do you want up against that? Well, I guess you could put anybody and probably win, I suppose. But, look, I like Kathy Barnette's chances against John Fetterman.

Now, let's just kind of see, I was going through some of their social media feed, because that's important to me. I want them to be good at their digital correspondence, take their digital communication seriously. So I was just going through some of the most recent stuff, just to see what each of these candidates are kind of zeroing in on.

So with Oz, Oz that's pretty obvious. It looks like he's identified pro-life issues as a weakness, because that's all he tweets about, is how pro-life he is. Now, he's got 3.8 million followers and he gets basically ratioed, he gets no engagement, and he gets ratioed just about everything that he says. I mean, by that, I mean, there are a lot more comments against him than there are retweets and likes for anything that he says.


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17 mag 2022

I really enjoy the entertainment value of this site. Your support of this stolen valor gal is probably your finest satirical work. Bravo!

Mi piace
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