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Student loan "forgiveness" gives the proverbial middle finger to blue-collar Americans.

TOPIC: David Bozell and Tim Constantine Discuss the Controversy Over Student Loan Forgiveness and Political Protests on College Campuses



"He has given the proverbial middle finger to the American taxpayer, to every blue collar worker who decided that college was not for them."


  • Joe Biden's plan for student loan forgiveness is a taxpayer bailout rather than true forgiveness, shifting the financial burden instead of eliminating it.

  • The bailouts are ironic as Biden's history as the author of the bill that prevented students from declaring bankruptcy on student loans in the first place, yet now he is proposing debt relief.

  • The plan is politically motivated, aiming to secure the young voter demographic, despite lacking a strategy to reform the underlying issues of the student loan system.

  • Concerns are raised about the fairness of the bailout, highlighting that it benefits high earners like doctors and lawyers, while burdening middle-income workers like police officers and teachers.

  • The student loan forgiveness plan does not address future students or change how the student loan program operates, potentially setting expectations for future bailouts.

  • Political protests funded by major Democrat donors are a part of a broader strategy to influence young voters and promote progressive agendas on college campuses.




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