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The Border Crisis is Getting Worse. This is Joe Biden's America

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin has been sharing videos that show just how bad the ongoing border crisis is becoming

The scene in Del Rio, Texas:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis shared the video and praised law enforcement for doing their best despite no real help from the Biden administration.

Here, Melugin talks with migrants who are coming to the U.S.southern border from many different places. Brazil... Haiti...

The porous border is their gateway into the U.S.

This is what law enforcement deals with every day on the border.

It's not good.

Border patrol agent tells Melugin this is the single biggest group of migrants he has seen in one day.

Remember, Vice President Kamala Harris says "extreme progress" is being made at the border.

Does any of this look like progress?

Kudos to Bill Melugin for doing his job: Reporting. And reporting on a major crisis that impacts the entire country during a time when few are shining a light on this colossal problem.

More Americans need to see what this crisis looks like, day to day, for the people who are having to deal with it. Law enforcement and border agents could use more support.

Just don't expect any from Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.


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