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The LAMEST Lame Duck: Biden Has a Lower Approval Than Any President in the Last 75 Years

How bad is it getting for Biden?

According to a new poll on Monday, Uncle Joe’s approval rating at 18 months into his presidency is lower than any other president over the last 75 years.

FiveThirtyEight put Biden’s approval rating at an embarrassing 38.4 percent, which is lower is than any other president with the exception of Harry Truman’s rating in 1946, which was 33 percent at the same point as Biden in his presidency.

So you have to go back as far as Truman to find a president with worse ratings 18 months into his presidency. That's pretty bad.

Joe's even in deep trouble with his own party.

According to a recent New York Times/Siena College poll, a whopping 64 percent of DEMOCRATS don't want Biden to run for president again in 2024.

His own people don't seem to want him. A new New York Times poll - hardly a bastion of rightwing news and opinion - has Biden at 33 percent approval.


We haven't seen numbers this low for any president in our lives.

There are few to no good polls for Biden. In April, a Harris poll revealed that 62 percent of respondents thought that Biden wasn't fit to be president because of his age.

That's a lot.

With Republicans set to dominate in the 2022 midterm elections - with Biden's unpopularity being a driving factor - the horizon does not look good for Democrats across the board. On inflation, the economy, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal - you name it - this administration and overall majority Democratic Party are demonstrably failing the American people - and the poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly know it.

Which brings us to what is quickly becoming Joe Biden's greatest achievement: The lamest lame duck president in American history.


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