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The Left Goes After Hispanic Radio


David Bozell: Alright, a small story, but it's important. And it's important that it has your attention, because ForAmerica's tagline is, "Never give the Left a free day." And the reason why we have that tagline is that the Left never gives us a free day. And that was proven in spades just the other day.

Something called the Latino Radio Network swooped in and made a $60 million cash deal to buy 18 radio stations. And I think these were Univision radio stations that were for sale, but where they got them isn't really important. This stuff was for sale and they were competing with... and I'll tell you in a second who they were competing with... but the stations are in:

  • Los Angeles;

  • New York City;

  • Miami;

  • Houston;

  • Chicago;

  • Dallas;

  • San Antonio;

  • McAllen, Texas;

  • Fresno, California; and

  • Las Vegas, among other places.

Now, it's going to be, according to the releases, it's going to be a lot of pop culture stuff, sports, entertainment, music, that kind of thing. But of course, the Latino Radio Network is being led and founded by Stephanie Valencia, who used to work for the Obama Administration. And not only that, it's received financing... this is the Latino Media Network... this is according to Washington Examiner just yesterday... the newly formed Latino Radio Network received financing from Lakestar Finance, LLC, an investment firm associated with liberal billionaire, George Soros. So, he rears his ugly head again.

And so you understand now the dynamics - where the midterms are coming up, the Democrats see that they're losing what once was a sort of a stronghold, a vice grip on Hispanic and Latino populations. Trump did a heck of a lot better than any Republican prior to him did with this dynamic. Just look in southeastern Florida and how well he did in 2020 for the improvements there. And it's spread out all across the country, too.

So, the Democrats, look, they don't give up. So in swoops Soros. These radio stations go up for sale. It's still one of the most powerful communication vehicles that man has ever created, radio - talk radio, specifically. And it wasn't just the Left who was interested.

They beat out at the last minute the Salem Radio Network. Now, we all know Salem, Christian Radio Broadcasting Network. They've got a number of our conservative heroes on their airwaves. Larry Elder was on there among other high profile talkers. We could just go through super quick. Yeah, they got Brandon Tatum. They've got Hugh Hewitt. I used to go on the Mike Gallagher Show all the time. They've got Sebastian Gorka, Dr. Gorka. Charlie Kirk runs his show out of there. Salem, I guess, is a distribution partner there. So, they understood the value of these Hispanic radio stations and the outreach that it could provide to Hispanic and Latino communities. And so did the Left. So, the Left comes in at the last minute and swoops up using $60 million in cash.

It's kind of a new front in this media war, right? I guess FOX versus all the big cable networks, that gets most of the attention. The conservative media ecosystem versus the fact checkers. That gets plenty of attention. Because liberals don't really succeed in talk radio at all, and conservatism has long dominated that medium, but the Hispanic radio audience is sort of up for grabs, Salem recognized it. There were reports that they had offered about $46 million, and then with Soros' backing, the Democrat firm led by a former Obama staffer comes in with $60 million and buys them all.

So, it's a new front. To my Hispanic and Latino friends who listen to these stations, just understand what it is that you're going to be getting here. In large part, you're going to be getting a view of the world on how George Soros wants you to see it. And it's all for his political aim. So, be on the lookout for that type of an influx of the liberal worldview via talk radio into Hispanic communities. It's important.


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