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The Woke Military CANCELS "Sound of Freedom"

The Left is at it again.

For all the crocodile tears about conservatives banning sexual content from schools and banning drag queens from performing in front of children, the Left has no problem banning films that highlight the evils of child sexual abuse. The U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) has canceled two scheduled screenings of the film “Sound of Freedom” at its headquarters in Doral, Florida.

“Sound of Freedom” took the box office by storm this summer, grossing nearly $182 million in the US and Canada since it released on July 4, the film especially struck a chord with conservatives. The anti-child-trafficking film, which we reviewed, has seemingly made the Left mad, continues to do so with The Hill pointing out that “critics have also questioned the showing of a political-leaning and heavily Christian faith-based movie on a federal base — especially as troops are required to remain apolitical at work.”

According to The Hill, “SOUTHCOM said the screenings were canceled after a review of 'applicable laws and regulations governing the use of materials subject to copyright and intellectual property laws for official or recreational purposes.'”

This is just the latest example of the Left’s pervasive ideology taking root throughout our military, government, and society – and it needs to stop.

The “Sound of Freedom” film was a well-done, apolitical film – only recently politicized by the Left who, for unknown reasons, have taken issue with pointing out the atrocities of child sex-trafficking. This should not be a political issue. This is not a political issue. And the Left, via the military, making it political says a lot about their priorities.


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