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Twitter's Trump 'Fact Check' reportedly has partnership with mail-in ballot group

After Donald Trump tweeted that “mail-in ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent" on Tuesday, Twitter put a fact-check label on tweets from the president.

But now it's being reported that Twitter's so-called fact-checker might be in bed with some of the groups promoting the use of mail-in ballots?

The very issue Trump sought to address in the first place.

The president's oldest son, Don Jr. shared a Breitbart story on Twitter Wednesday detailing the alleged relationship.

Breitbart reported, "It may be instructive that Twitter seized on the mail-in balloting tweets as the first issue from Trump’s rapid fire social media feed to slap with a fact-check label. Twitter did not disclose in its so-called fact-check it is partners with two groups financed by leftist donors that engage in voter participation efforts, including drives pushing mail-in balloting."

"Twitter sits on the 'Premier Partner' list of one of those groups alongside ViacomCBS, the merger of Viacom and CBS," Breitbart continued. "Twitter’s so-called fact-check about Trump’s mail-in balloting cited CBS political reporter Grace Segers vouching for mail-in voting."

Breitbart noted, "Twitter did not disclose it is an active “Premier Partner” of Vote Early Day 2020, an election advocacy group seeking to educate voters that they can cast their ballots prior to Election Day, including via the vote-by-mail option."

Don Jr.'s "Yikes" is right.

How can any person or outlet be a genuine "fact-checker" when there is incentive to spin "facts" in their own favor?

Or at the least, fail to fully disclose?

Most importantly, President Trump's original point about mail-in or absentee ballots being ripe for fraud?

He's still right.


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