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Bill Maher: 'Very Nervous' About Biden's Chances After GOP Convention

On Friday night, HBO's Bill Maher said that he's "very nervous" about Democratic nominee Joe Biden's chances against President Trump.

Maher told MSNBC's Joy Reid, "I don't know if this stuff works, but it might," adding that the GOP convention was "smoothly produced."

"I am feeling less confident about this. Maybe it's just their convention bump got to me, but I'm feeling less confident than I was a month ago," Maher said.

"I feel very nervous, the same way I did four years ago at this time," he added.

President Trump responded to a tweet from Maher's program's official Twitter feed quoting the HBO host's uneasiness about the election.

"Leading in Michigan, leading in Minnesota, leading all over. Sorry!" Trump tweeted.

Recent polls have shown a tightening race between Biden and Trump in key battleground states, with the former vice president leading Trump by just 3 points.


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