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WaPo admits it was wrong to censor Hunter Biden laptop story. Where is everyone else?

In October 2020, the New York Post published a story about emails contained in Hunter Biden's alleged laptop about questionable business dealings abroad.

The media establishment called it "Russian disinformation." Major social media platforms censored the story, preventing its users from sharing. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would later apologize for this, calling it a "total mistake."

But last month, The New York Times said the Biden emails at the center of the Post story were "verified." Last week, The Washington Post admitted the same thing.

Even though these two major news outlets had vindicated the 2020 Post story, no journalist was pointing out that what they had done - keep the public away from a legitimate news story two weeks before the presidential election - was wrong.

Until Sunday, when The Washington Post published a board editorial titled, "The Hunter Biden story is an opportunity for a reckoning."

After a stemwinder of a piece in which the news outlet tries to justify some of the things they and their left-leaning media colleagues did regarding the Hunter Biden laptop story, the Post finally comes clean in the last sentence (emphasis added), "The lesson learned from 2020 may well be that there’s also a danger of suppressing accurate and relevant stories."

You think?

Independent progressive journalist noted that only The Washington Post has come out and admitted this and naturally wanted to know - where is CNN? Where is Huffington Post?

Where is EVERYONE who calls themselves a "journalist" on this?

Again, where is everyone? Isn't the word "free" important for a "free press?" When did journalists get in the business of censoring actual news?

The entire news industry and social media platforms should be held accountable for this.

They won't.

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Apr 04, 2022

Exactly I am on a facebook 30 day ban and a complete twitter ban like trump

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