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We need to stop funding our own demise.

TOPIC: David Bozell discusses Rep. Andrew Clyde's amendment to prohibit taxpayer funding of the political persecution of former president and current GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump.


"The single most important question of the year: Will Republican lawmakers make Republican voters, donors, and taxpayers pay to prosecute the last Republican President and presumptive Republican nominee?"


  1. Congressman Andrew Clyde plans to introduce measures prohibiting taxpayer funding for criminal cases against former President Donald Trump.

  2. One amendment blocks taxpayer funding for prosecuting any major presidential candidate; a second targets state prosecutions of these candidates.

  3. These measures are meant to protect the integrity of the 2024 election and combat the radical left's interference efforts.

  4. House Republican leadership, namely Kevin McCarthy, probably won't support Clyde's amendment, anticipating it might not pass.

  5. Our government's system of checks and balances empowers representatives to decide on funding — a power Republicans have lost sight of.

  6. McConnell and McCarthy's positions raise questions about their commitment to Republican values, like limited government and fiscal responsibility.

  7. The core issue: Will Republicans allow taxpayers' money to fund the prosecution of the last Republican president and presumptive Republican nominee?

  8. Kevin McCarthy's decision regarding the amendment's floor appearance will profoundly impact his speakership and internal party dynamics.

  9. The true test for many Republicans is whether they'd vote to use taxpayer money to prosecute Trump, revealing party divisions.



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