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West Virginia Leads the Way


David Bozell: A standing ovation for West Virginia!

Very good. Very good. Very good, John. Very good.

Okay. Listen, West Virginia, good for you! "This is the way," as the Mandalorian said. Right out of Politico today, "Wall Street firms face W.Va. boycott over alleged fossil fuel bias."

Six of the nation's biggest financial firms have been told that they will be denied access to state contracts in West Virginia as Republican leaders there continue their pushback on what they see as bias against the fossil fuel industry.

The big six include:

  • BlackRock, boo;

  • Wells Fargo;

  • JP Morgan Chase & Company;

  • Morgan Stanley;

  • The Goldman Sachs Group Institute...Incorporated...pardon me;

  • and U.S. Bancorp

...are due to be placed on the West Virginia's Restricted Financial Institution List in 45 days...

I love it! I love it! In 45 days... Yeah, they hate oil! They hate fossil fuels! Yeah! This was state Treasurer Riley Moore, sent a letter to the companies on Friday.

Placement on the list would leave the firms ineligible to enter into or remain in banking contracts with the state. They have 30 days to respond with information showing they are not boycotting the fossil fuel industry.

Good for them! Man, good for West Virginia, and other states need to do this, and other states are doing this. There's a lot of... The Left calls them boycott bills flooding, that are all over state capitals. Texas, West Virginia, Oklahoma are just a few that have passed these bills, basically telling these companies, "Alright, if you want do business with the government here, the state government here, stop dogging our main industries."

West Virginia became the first state to cut ties with a firm over ESG policy when [Treasury Secretary] Moore announced earlier this year that he was pulling out of a BlackRock investment fund. BlackRock manages $10 trillion in assets, while Moore's office oversees $8 billion in operating funds...

Okay, so it's a drop in the bucket where BlackRock is concerned. That's fine. That's fine. You've got to do it, though. They don't like your industry and they don't like your people. They're not interested in seeing your citizenry succeed if they're constantly lobbying against your industry, which is fossil fuels.

Now, the state pension fund would continue with BlackRock, because this guy Moore does not control that. But, hey, "this is the way," as the Mandalorian said.

Alright, play it out, John Denver.

Go West Virginia! G-o W-e-s-t V-i-r-g-i-n-i-a.

Way to stick up for yourself, West Virginia.

Take it easy.


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