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What's Going on with RFK Jr.?

TOPIC: The Rise of RFK Jr. as a Third-Party Candidate in the 2024 Presidential Election



"Dismiss RFK Jr. at your own peril."


  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr., running as an independent, has seen fluctuating poll numbers, initially strong but recently dipping potentially due to Donald Trump's targeted criticisms.

  • RFK Jr.'s visibility in the media has decreased, possibly due to mainstream press limiting his exposure to avoid benefiting his campaign at Biden's behest.

  • There's speculation that Joe Biden's campaign has influenced debate organizers to exclude RFK Jr., despite him meeting certain criteria, indicating a strategic move to minimize his impact.

  • Kennedy's campaign strategy includes a strong digital presence and targeted advertising, which could bolster his visibility and appeal as a third-party candidate.

  • His stance on key issues like gun control has evolved, potentially broadening his appeal to voters from different political spectrums, including those disillusioned with both major parties.

  • The scenario of Kennedy winning enough states to prevent any candidate from securing an electoral majority is considered, which could lead to a constitutional crisis if it influences the election outcome.

  • The overall sentiment is that dismissing Kennedy's potential impact in the election could be a mistake, as his candidacy might resonate with voters looking for alternatives to the traditional two-party candidates.



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