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Who Will Trump Pick as His VP?

Updated: Jun 1

TOPIC: Trump's Vice Presidential Pick for the 2024 Election



"If I had to bet, I would probably bet Senator Scott."


  • Speculation around Trump's vice-presidential pick focuses on several potential candidates with Byron Donalds as a potential favorite and Devin Nunes as strong but less likely an option.

  • Constitutional issues regarding candidates from the same state as Trump, like Byron Donalds and Marco Rubio, are not a big deal as the VP could move states, albeit resigning their seat in Congress.

  • Tim Scott is a promising candidate for vice president, with political savvy and the ability to address racial perceptions associated with Trump, although his dismal performance in the primary doesn't bring much to the table.

  • The role of the vice-presidential pick is strategic for setting up the 2028 election and enhancing the Republican ticket's appeal without overshadowing Trump.

  • The timing of Trump's announcement will likely maximize media speculation and political momentum by delaying the reveal until just before the convention.



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