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Will the House Freedom Caucus have a standoff with McCarthy?


TOPIC: David Bozell discusses the House Freedom Caucus' recent demands regarding the impending spending deadline in September, what that means for Congress and the country.


"We cannot preach about limited government if we don't limit some government. We cannot preach that this Congress is an effective stop gap and an effective check-and-balance of this administration, unless we check it and balance it."


  1. The House Freedom Caucus has historically challenged Kevin McCarthy's leadership, notably in the Speakership fight.

  2. A crucial government funding vote approaches at the end of September; get ready for shutdown politics.

  3. The Freedom Caucus's official positions require an 80% agreement among its members.

  4. Their funding vote demands include a border security package, de-weaponizing the DOJ and FBI, ending Pentagon's "woke" policies, opposing a continuing resolution (CR), and overseeing Ukraine funds.

  5. To be successful, the House Freedom Caucus must be willing to use all of their tools. Especially the motion to vacate the chair.

  6. A majority of the Republican caucus will want to fund Biden's agenda, prioritizing self-preservation, as they have done historically.

  7. If Congress can't defund Biden's unpopular policy, especially in managing spending, why are we bothering to put resources to winning those races?



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